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Adriane Horaud (1990) Birthday: 18 January

Parents : Radu Horaud and Brigitte Le Hir


Adriane Horaud was born in Echirolles (near Grenoble), France on 18 January 1990. She is the daugther of Radu Horaud and Brigitte Le Hir. Currently (2005) she lives in La Tronche. She goes to school at collège de l'Externat Notre-Dame. She is also a (very active) member of the "Centre équestre du Monteynard" (horse and pony riding and jumping). She owns a horse, Eider, with whom she already won two races in September and November 2005.

Her mother's family is native from two villages located 60-70 kilometers South of Grenoble: Quet-en-Beaumont (her mother's mother) and Côtes-de-Corps (her mother's father). One of her grand-grand-fathers (Pierre Le Hir) was from the French region of Bretagne.

This picture was taken when Adriane was 13 years old (Fall 2003) in the house of Radu and Florence.

Current address: 3, avenue des Cèdres, 38700 La Tronche, France.

e-mail: ahoraud @ free.fr