The RAVEL Corpora

HUMAVIPS Project (FP7-ICT-2009-247525)

Download scripts

In the following the user may download scripts in order to ease the Ravel data set download. Some of them are generic, other are associated to events related to the Ravel data set.

Generic scripts

Scripts related to the MCA Grand Challenge

The MCA Grand Challenge is organized in the framework of the Multimodal Interaction community. The MCA-Layout task of the MCA challenge is associated to the Ravel dataset.

The MCA-Layout task

The sequence of the Ravel data set used for this task are all from the Interaction class, but from different scenarios. More precisely the sequences have the following correspondance:

Ravel MCA
MrSmith 2 mca-layout-scene 1
MrSmith 4 mca-layout-scene 2
MrSmith 7 mca-layout-scene 3
Chatting 3 mca-layout-scene 4
Chatting 4 mca-layout-scene 5
Chatting 5 mca-layout-scene 6
Introducing People Passive 1 mca-layout-scene 7
Introducing People Passive 2 mca-layout-scene 8
Introducing People Passive 3 mca-layout-scene 9

Here you have a script to download the data for the AVSR task (audio, video and synchronization).